King Richard

moderate violence, threat, references to racism, infrequent strong language


There are various verbal references to racism, including to segregation and the physical violence a black man suffered at the hands of white people when he was growing up. A black family is conscious of how they are being received within a predominantly white community, but the film as a whole carries positive messages of overcoming prejudice and achieving success. There is a use of 'cracker' in relation to a white person, but racist behaviour is not condoned.


There is infrequent strong language ('f**k') and milder terms including 'bitch', 'ass', 'crap', 'bullshit', 'god', 'damn', 'butt', 'frickin', 'freakin', 'screw' and 'hell'. There is also peer-to-peer use of 'n***a' and 'n****r'.

threat and horror

A small gang of men behave in a threatening and intimidating way towards a man and his family, initially trying to get the attentions on his eldest daughter and making threatening sexualised comments. When the father attempts to warn the men off, he is beaten and a gun is held to his head.


Scenes of violence include a gang kicking and punching a man, leaving his head bruised and bloodied, and brief sight of a drive-by shooting. A news report also features footage of Rodney King being beaten by police officers.

There are occasional references to drugs, including cocaine, heroin and marijuana, but largely within a condemnatory context. There are occasional sex references

Rating information according to the BBFC
(British Board of Film Censors)