The Railway Children Return

violence, racism theme, threat, language, rude humour, dangerous behaviour

THE RAILWAY CHILDREN RETURN is a family drama, set during World War II, in which three siblings are evacuated from Manchester to the countryside.

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dangerous behaviour

A child steps out in front of a train to stop it. There are scenes in which children play near train tracks.


There are scenes of racism in which Black men are called 'boy' and beaten up for socialising with white people. In one scene, a teenage boy speaks of his experience of racism back in the United States and briefly refers to 'lynchings'. There a brief scene in which both white and Black people are attacked by US soldiers for socialising together. Racism is clearly and quickly condemned and the issue as a whole is treated with sensitivity.


There is mild bad language including use of the term 'turd'. Other language includes terms such as 'damn', 'God' and 'hell'.

rude humour

There are frequent moments of toilet humour which include references to 'skidmarks' and 'touching cloth'.

threat and horror

A girl hits her head after a bomb is dropped nearby. A group of soldiers invade a party and become violent. There is a tense scene when two soldiers search for a teenage boy and girl who are in hiding.


A Black man is punched in the stomach and then, it's implied, kicked; it's suggested that the violence is racially motivated. A pub is raided and soldiers attack civilians with someone eventually being shot; the shooting is discreet. A teenage boy has a bloody gash on his knee and a swollen foot.

There are emotional scenes when parents have to say goodbye to their children who are being evacuated and also when characters become bereaved.

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