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Village Cinema is a venture in Exning where excellent films are shown.       A future presentation is:

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8 March 2024


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Doors open: 7pm                          Showing:  7.30 pm


tickets at the door:  £5 adult   £4  children under 15 years

family ticket £14  (2 adults 2 children)

Note: This is a small increase from September 2023.
The previous charge had remained the same since the start of Village Cinema
over a decade ago.

  £3  children under 15 years

family ticket £12  (2 adults 2 children)

refreshments available              location information

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Friday February 9, 2024

, 2023

Full cast & crew


Starring:   Michael Caine    Glenda Jackson

In 2014, Bernard Jordan staged a “great escape” from his care home to join fellow war veterans on a beach in Normandy, commemorating their fallen comrades at the
D-Day Landings. It was a story that captured the imagination of the world as Bernie  embodied the defiant, “can-do” spirit of a generation that was fast disappearing. His adventure, spanning a mere 48 hours, also celebrates his 60-year marriage to Rene.

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