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How to play audio from your phone or tablet using Bluetooth.

This guide shows “How to play audio from your phone or tablet” (e.g. iPhone/iPad or Android phone or tablet (e.g. Samsung/LG/HTC or a Windows phone). It assumes you know how to pair your device using Bluetooth. (Click on pictures to enlarge). Note: For devices with a 3.5mm “headphone” socket there is an alternative to use a lead

Turn on Booth Power

stage w.jpg

booth switch w.jpg

1 Go to the right hand side of the stage

2 Push down the switch marked "Booth Power"

3 Switch on power above the booth

Turn on Sound System

booth lid w.jpg

amp w.jpg

mixer w.jpg

4 Open booth lid and secure against wall. Open door.

5 Switch on amplifier

6 Switch on mixer
(ensure all slide controls are at 0)



9mixer BT w.jpg

It is assumed the user will be familiar with how to "pair" their own device (phone/tablet/laptop). Ensure on the device that Bluetooth is switched on and in "pairing" mode.
For first time pairing, hold down the "Pairing" button (Picture 7) for 5 seconds until the BT status light (Picture 8) flashes. (If you've previously paired with this Bluetooth box this is reduced to 3 seconds)*

When the box is in Bluetooth mode the BT status light flashes quickly (approx. 2 per second).

On your device you should see "Music BT", so select to connect with that device. When linked the light should stay on (Picture 8). You are now ready to play music.

You can now adjust the sound volume on the mixer slides "Channel 5" and "Master" (Picture 9).

You should also be able to adjust the volume on your device from around the hall.

*Note: The pairing timeout limit is 90 seconds. If pairing has timed out, you need to hold down the pairing button again for 1 second to re-enter pairing mode.
Summary of Bluetooth Blue LED Status (Picture 8).  
Bluetooth mode: Fast flash;    Pairing mode: Slow flash (approx. 1 per second);     Linked mode: Always on

At the end of your session: "Disconnect" your device from the Bluetooth box.
Then switch off equipment: Mixer (Picture 6); Amplifier (Picture 5); Close Booth door and lid (Picture 4); Turn off Booth Power above booth (Picture 3) and on stage (Picture 2).

BT on w.jpg bt pair w.jpg