Exning Village Cinema

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Turn on Booth Power

booth switch w.jpg

1 Go to the right hand side of the stage

2 Push down the switch marked "Booth Power"

3 Switch on power above the booth

booth lid w.jpg

4 Open booth lid and secure against wall

5 Overview of booth
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6 Audio Visual Equipment
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mixer lighting w.jpg

amp w.jpg

7 Bluetooth, mixer and stage lighting
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8 Where to Switch on amplifier

9 Where to  Switch on mixer

At the end of your session carry out the following as applicable, depending on what you have used:

  • Set all mixer slides to zero
  • "Disconnect" Bluetooth device (on the device);
  • Switch off specific equipment used:  e.g. CD/DVD Player,  Cassette Player, HDMI switch;
  • Switch off: mixer (Picture 9) amplifier (Picture 8);
  • Clip back HDMI and/or 3.5mm leads if used;
  • Switch off projector using remote
  • Switch off Projector power at wall (once projector cooling fan has stopped)
  • Raise screen, turn off screen power and close curtains
  • Return any remotes (Picture 5), Close Booth lid (Picture 4) Turn off Booth Power above booth (Picture 3) and on stage (Picture 2).

Introduction to the Audio Visual Equipment

This guide is an introduction to the Audio Visual Equipment in ECCH, the booth where most of it is housed, and where the power is switched on.
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Hall Layout devices and HDMI switch w.jpg mixer w.jpg Power Switches w.jpg