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How to play audio from phone/tablet/laptop through headphone socket (3.5mm)

This guide shows how to play audio from phone/tablet/laptop from devices which have a 3.5mm socket (3.5mm)”. It is an alternative to using Bluetooth (Click on pictures to enlarge)

Turn on Booth Power

booth switch w.jpg

1 Go to the right hand side of the stage

2 Push down the switch marked "Booth Power"

3 Switch on power above the booth

Turn on Sound System

booth lid w.jpg

amp w.jpg

mixer w.jpg

4 Open booth lid and secure against wall. Open door.

5 Switch on amplifier

6 Switch on mixer
(ensure all slide controls are at 0)

flying leads.jpg


7 Unclip "flying" 3.5mm black lead with yellow markings and plug into your phone/tablet/laptop headphone socket

8 You can now adjust the sound volume on the mixer slides "Channel 8" and "Master" or from your device

At the end of your session carry out the following as applicable, depending on what you have used:

  • Set all mixer slides to zero (Picture 8)
  • Switch off: mixer (Picture 6) amplifier (Picture 5);
  • Disconnect 3.5mm lead from your device and clip back (Picture 7)
  • Close Booth lid and door (Picture 4) Turn off Booth Power above booth (Picture 3) and on stage (Picture 2).
Power Switches w.jpgmixer 3.5mm w.jpg